About The Guild

The Guild is a space where entrepreneurs connect and share ideas to elevate their business and community. We aim to host 4 to 6 talks with topics and sessions that will help level up our businesses. Think; Relaxed. Fun. Social. Learning. Wine. & Bites. Informative talk/presentation followed by open session for questions and networking.

Meet the team behind The Guild:

Heather Andrews & Nadine Hogan
Heather and Nadine are the owners of Wheelhouse Cycle, Ottawa’s premier boutique spin studio. Wheelhouse opened its doors in 2015 with one location and approximately a dozen part-time employees. Now, with 2 full-time managers and 20 staff, Wheelhouse is expanding to 2 locations in September, 2017.  Wheelhouse is known and loved by their riders not only for their signature ride (music loud, lights low, energy electric), but also their passionate staff, exceptional facilities and unparalleled hospitality. 

"What's one thing you'd like to see come from @theguildottawa?"

N&H: "We love the opportunity to connect people who otherwise might never have connected on this level. Owning a business is all consuming, and then there's life/kids/partners on top of the day to day work. We want to create an opportunity for our fellow entrepreneurs to set aside a couple of hours for themselves to connect, to share, to laugh, to hear other stories & share their own. But also, we want to see all of these small businesses SOAR.


Anna Lambert 
Anna is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Shopify. Anna embodies Shopify’s MO of Getting Shit Done: she joined Shopify as an intern in 2011, and has helped build the company from 150 employees to over 1800 today. Anna is also a passionate ally and advocate for inclusion in tech, and works tirelessly to make Shopify a company that moves the needle in this space. She started the conference Beyond the Code four years ago, which is designed to empower individuals to make the tech industry a more inclusive space for everyone. Anna is also an avid snowboarder, runner, and the co-founder of her own Shopify store, Caged Collective.
"What's one thing you'd like to see come from @theguildottawa?"
A: "I love building strong and diverse teams who work together to solve the toughest problems. I've seen the magic that comes from a strong community of people who are equally passionate yet so different in their approach. When you're running a business on your own it can be hard to find a variety of perspectives, experiences, failures, and wins to learn from. The Guild is an opportunity for engaged entrepreneurs to collaborate, teach, and learn from another in the hopes that it results in faster growth for the businesses in our community."
Regine Paquette & Katie Frappier
Regine and Katie are the owners of Victoire, a boutique championing Canadian designers since 2006. What started as a single shop barely bigger than a shoebox has grown to two brick & mortar locations (in Ottawa & Toronto), and a booming online business. Victoire has earned a loyal following across the country for fostering new design talent and offering the best curation of Canadian designers, in addition to its distinct merchandising, friendly staff, and welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. 

 What's one thing you'd like to see come from @theguildottawa?"

"K&R: Small businesses are the tapestry that make our neighbourhoods vibrant and exciting places to be. But we also know it's hella hard work to keep them going! We need to be continuously improving, and fine-tuning everything about our business to keep customers thinking and spending local. It's thanks to the business network we've developed through the years that we've overcome so many challenges. We'd love for THE GUILD to be a network of learning and support so that the small business community we're a part of can continue to grow and prosper."