The Conversation

The Conversation

  • Money
  • People
  • Habits

This workshop is for you if you have in the past or are currently operating a small business and employ(ed) more than one non-founding employee.

Expect to be a part of the conversation, to be asked direct questions, to learn a lot, and to contribute as well.

This workshop may not be for you if you are at the stage where you’re thinking about starting your own business (future events coming your way that will be tailored to your specific needs).

The event style will be different from past Guild events. Led by two facilitators, you’ll be participating in a discussion with other small business owners who are facing similar challenges and solving them in unique ways. Think intimate group conversations with peers who bring different perspectives and experiences to the biggest challenges facing us all. The Guild will kick off the night by having the conversation no one wants to have (and we’ve been taught not to have)...that’s right, MONEY $$$

Money → We will start with a discussion around the minimum wage increase and brainstorm strategic compensation planning. But in order to understand what you are able to pay, you need to understand what you make and spend. Expect to leave with the key performance indicators every small business owner should know.

People → Your people spend their most valuable resource - their time - working for you. How do you leverage their skills to achieve your business goals, empower and support them, and recognize them in meaningful ways?

Habits → What are you currently doing in your business out of habit or because it’s how it’s always been done? What got you here won’t get you there, for good or for bad. Expect to talk about habits to drop and habits to adopt in 2018. No, we’re not talking about short term New Years resolutions, we’re talking incorporating impactful business habits that will help you grow your business.

Location: Cody's Café, Shopify 150 Elgin Street, 6th Floor. 

Date: Feb 28th, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm