The Quitter Behind Quitters

Join us for our year-end event at Quitters Coffee in Stittsville!

Every entrepreneur has quit something in order to build something new. We value the courage and intuition it takes to walk away and risk it all on creating a new venture. Each of us have quit something – a job, a passion, a partner - to end up where we are now and it's an important part of our success as entrepreneurs.

At this Guild event, we'll embrace the quitter in each of us, give consideration to our journey as business owners and reflect on the year.

In September 2014 singer, songwriter, musician and all-around badass woman, Kathleen Edwards, put her music career on hold and opened Quitters Coffee. On December 4th, close out the year with us for MTV Unplugged - Guild Edition 😉

We're thrilled that Kathleen, entrepreneur, coffee shop owner, and still all-around badass will be speaking at the Guild's year-end event.  She will discuss the challenges she's faced as a small business owner and her journey starting and growing Quitters. This fireside chat will allow you to reflect on successes and challenges from the past year and leave you with lessons and anecdotes to get you fired up for the amazing opportunities in store for 2018.


Event details:

Date: December 4th, 7 pm-10pm
Location: Quitters, 1523 Main Street South, Stittsville

Tickets are transferable but non-refundable