Your Entrepreneurial Blind Spot; and why you need to see it

We get it - trust us - we really do. As entrepreneurs you have a million things, decisions, lists, plans, fires, and ideas. As you’re busy growing this dream of yours, we’re asking you to press the pause button for a moment. No matter what growth stage you are in, now is the time for a difficult question - how do you promote your brand and create content within the context of diversity and politics?

How are you adding up as a leader in your business, your industry, your community and your life? If you haven’t asked yourself, chances are your head is in the sand (and we want to help you pull it out).

Like it or not, as business owners we act as leaders and what we say (or don’t say), who we partner with (or don’t partner with) can be perceived to represent our values and politics. Your choices, your Instagram content, and your ‘clever’ sandwich board outside your shop all REPRESENT YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. It’s time to stop and ask yourself what are you putting out there?

How can you navigate the current polarized political climate within the four walls of your business so that it echoes out into your community the way you wish it would? And, if you’re choosing to simply stay silent on these issues, let’s talk about why sometimes that’s not an option.

Join us on October 4th as the Bad + Bitchy women help walk us through these questions and more. Bring us your toughest questions - we’re bringing you our toughest panel and they’re HERE FOR YOU.

The event will take place Oct 4th at 7pm in Cody's Café at Shopify: 150 Elgin Street Floor 6. Please enter the elevators by the Elgin Street Entrance.

Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.